The Guest House  " much more than a B & B..."




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The Cotswold Guest House " much more than a B&B...."




The Guest House

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The Guest House was built for family use in 2005 and after nearly nine years of welcoming wonderful guests for B&B it is to revert to family use and will not be available for B&B after the end of February 2020.


Had anyone told me what fun it would be, how many guests would become really good friends, how many people would return year-on-year and how I know already how much I am going to miss being a B&B landlady (not my obvious career choice!) - I would not have believed them.


However circumstances change and we move on. Thank you everyone for all your support and friendship, for the stories we have shared and the glasses we have drained and if you are passing please do drop in for a catch up.


Meanwhile here's to the New Year, the new decade and a really fun future!


With very many thanks - Sue.